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containing plants such as spinach and lettuce give rise to greenish shades.

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each menstrual flow is attended with intense itching especially if the flow

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SPONSELLER HARRY University of Maryland College Park University of Maryland Hospital

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degree of correlation must be established between the several institutes and clinics.

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being denser than in Germany or Austria inequality between town and country is

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At the same time he watched the treatment of Fleisch


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nearly forty years only two cases of complete rupture of tlie perineum have

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A new tract or rather an attempt to create a new tract out

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crystals at the variable temperature to which it may be exposed

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Walter Cooper Dendy was not a mere Surgeon. In days

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malige Eiulcitung der Fruhgeburt bei ein und derselben

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The gray powder of mercury I have used with great advantage

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occurred certainly version should not be resorted to. It

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to the point of syncope. If the state of syncope be attended

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Perhaps the most original contribution of facts to be found in the

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formed forty eight hours after death. Intense purplish blue

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ceutic chemistry none so fully merits our confidence as this one.

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with antifebrin is not only a very formidable one in itself but

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Jeffery in the Medical Record of August recommends in obstinate

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suppuration and when matter is formed let the tumour

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phosphates lose their feathery appearance the change

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being only a thin wall of the alveolus remaining two molar teeth

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following an appendicitis. In such cases the symptoms are apt in the

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employed there was definite alleviation of the distressing symptoms.

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Sir In the issue of April th of your esteemed journal

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Vomiting had ceased. Sir William Hingston made a diagnosis of new

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