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the va ina the uterus or the rectum according to the site and

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tion from sitting to standing. It is generally soft and feeble in quality.

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the ulcers are reddish pufEed and clean cut they are rarely indurated.

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intestine consists of one loop at the height of the convexity of which

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observed within the first twenty four hours. The quantity eaten has

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partment to solve them is the duty of the so called welfare department.

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In the second part of the experiment Table only of the pigs

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distinct white ring appears at the zone of contact. This reagent precipitates

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der Halswirbel und des Occipitalwirbels angelegt werden die Chorda

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possible consequences of such applications I think Suttie s

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During November of a section of lung was sent to this

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a wire sieve forty drachms is as a rule then taken three times

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year in Spain but he brought back recent French methods

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organ. Their action is therefore entirely mechanical and

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the value of the reporting system may be cited the experience with

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with flattened wrathful countenance. It was the last

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some of them of a regiment happened to be on board

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and inflammation of the arm but he continued to follow his occu

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In addition to these listings the Journal will publish

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Aloes. This medicine acts on the bowels with nearly the

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posed burden of unreinunerative professional labor preferring to still re

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except in some of the milder cases of invagination. By the use

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have been a very careful observer the following opinions are ad

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some care should be used in their selection. The alkaline

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and the choice made of some fit place to dwell in and some

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patients already scheduled. The purpose of this process is to

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proportional to the force imparted to the tympanum and is therefore

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in other instances modiola becomes completely double. The

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This was introduced l y Dr. Pussell Thomas of Lennoxville Que.

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only once inflicted was defended on the ground that people had

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