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commission of French manufacturers who were determined to

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the other. Some opposition was evinced at Cardiff to

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nearly suffocated. Mr. Herbert managed by turning her over

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JVb.. A drink to bring awatj the glanders when other

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High School in Dresden. Translated by John R. Mohler

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human frame and often comparative anatomy as well. Is indifference to teaching even

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being of the other are not quickly forgotten. These children lie

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obstinate disease to treat. A personal study of twen

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Two cases of sycosis barbae non parasitica were treated with

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facts are of equal importance no matter whether the gases

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who was unable to pay for the constant aid she required. To

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and the virus is still in use in England.t All this was done

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which have not yet decussated and those that have already crossed

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the legs to persist and take on a chronic form. When these remnants

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namely adiposity tenderness and pains asthenia and psychoses were

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I per cent. This latter statement corresponds with my own observa

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smaller arteries also showing signs of similar endar

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growth the skin was eczematous. Below the mass the ankle and

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trouble the patient should live according to rule and if he

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the quadngcminal bodies and the vermis of the cere

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trephining operation was more likely to yield a successful result than any other

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Hdiu er also refers to the recent studies on the nervous

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demic. This patient has also had an illness of two weeks

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cedent inflammatory infiltrations and required much time

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psoas abscess aueuri.sm hernia and malignant disease.

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must act in bringing on an attack. It has been suggested that

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respect and esteem the solidarity of science counts for much and

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optic nerve thence it had passed toward the left lateral

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accomplished and although several veins and arteries

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achievements and present activities. Through their service in the