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fevers etc. constitutions broken down by merjury are very liable to

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muscle. In an embryo mm. in length however longitu

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A discussion followed on the manner in which atrophy

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into it. If too large to enter either main bronchus the

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comprehended more than the mere limitation to so much dormitory space. Under it

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a greenish grey tumor is only in the last stage of the

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bilities. No two persons are capable of always viewing the same

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neck should be guarded against and the wound should

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will introduce for discussion The change of opinion as to the Sources

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to T he inverted uterus when extirpation was rejected.

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out this troublesome operation. He refers with approval to

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of infiltrated mucous membrane receding from an ulcer or a

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Logan collection of characteristic Canadian fossils and the Cooper

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taeniasis spasmodic cough and colic. Externally in liniments as an

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painful tumor at one of the hernial sites devoid of im

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of heart muscle. It modifies in an interesting way the response

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in connection with outbreaks of small pox and cerebro spinal

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combined with antimony in the way already referred to.

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curtain forms a perfect division and rests upon not

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with or closely allied to the materies morhi of rheumatism the acid

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course of his eighteen years practice there he had to deal

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nutrition and undoubtedly improves reparative capacity.

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lowed five dollars for his services. Other witnesses re

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races of the Northern Atlantic Seaboard of America.

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During the intervals the child breathed well and showed

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vitamin K. In this matter vitamin K may prevent both

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admits also of either explanation viz. paralysis of tlie centre

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never lay by on Sundays seven years is the average of life.

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than fsecal contamination of water or air. On the other

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