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or with Rhigolene as described by Dr. Bigelow of Boston. Our
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cisely the same with those that he had voided. Various experiments
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observations as regards lupulin in intestinal diseases
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of interstellar immensity. Our minds fail to grasp how the
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a correct diagnosis that we diagnose from a physical standpoint. In
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might at first sight be taken for small tuberculous deposits.
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twice daily. The central drainage tube discharged bile freely for the first
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The term rheumatism has been used very extensively to indi
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ment and that in order to attain this they have been
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tion of the pelvis of the right kidney that organ had become
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vertical incision he then easily exposed the astragalus and
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not until at least some cubic centimetres of filtrate have run through.
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were elected after some close balloting and excepting the treasurer have
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from Canada. The other Canadians present at the reception were
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address the Association but will not be able to be present.
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to the injection. The injections should be made through
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the postoperative course. It is not my purpose to discuss these
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Infant mortality in London during measured by the pro
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essential to the well being and progress of the Aberdeen Medical School
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equilibrium. His animal however received during the thirteen days of
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claims on our sympathetic charity. This kind of Puritan
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tures taken on consecutive days showed a rapidly decreasing number
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in cases where respiration had ceased and the ventricles were dilated and
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