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patients become the prey of the avaricious quack for they feel

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cells. At first they mantle the vascular structures as a coat

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human small pox. The first successful experiment of inoculating the

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disease. No one could predict for instance the dose of nitro

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synthesized DNA. strand are repaired by DNA ligase.

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could only recognise it and in every case however traumatic there is an

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line posteriorly between the last rib and the iliac crest

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venereal sore though it was not supposed to have a patho

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into the milk at periods varying from four hours to

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as acute pleurisy from cold. As a subacute affection latent ill its

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once to equalize the circulation by the use of diaphoretics

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Table I shows in detail the percentage of infection found in people

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aspect of the foot forward to the middle of the cuboid

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fee taken three Times omitting a Day or two between each

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tails of these cases any history so soon after operation would be

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most of whom perished of asphyxia. Similar disasters have resulted

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and its relation to the life of plants and animals. Nature

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may the glimpses into the structure of the body afforded by

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Peyer and Brunner. Now are we justified in drawing the

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less likely to cause weakness in the pelvic floor. Still when oper